Michigan Bar Exam Appeals

Meagan Jabbori, Partner

If you failed the Michigan bar exam, we want to start by saying we are very sorry that you did not pass. We know it can be devastating when something you have worked so hard for does not come to fruition.

The good news is that we specialize in writing bar exam appeals and have a great track record!

A few notes on our recent statistics:

For the July 2019 Michigan bar exam, 7 of the 9 appeals that we wrote passed. Three of our clients received four points on appeal!

For the February 2019 Michigan bar exam, we wrote 8 of the 9 appeals that passed in the state of Michigan.


For the July 2017 Michigan bar exam, 11 appeals passed in the state of Michigan. We wrote 10 of them! 

The good news is, depending on your score as well as the content of your essays, you might be able to appeal your score. An appeal is basically a persuasive brief that argues why you should receive more points on the essay portion of the Michigan bar exam. A successful appeal would mean that you can become a licensed lawyer without having to retake the bar exam.

If you are wondering whether you have a good chance of succeeding on an appeal, on our sister site, www.jdadvising.com, we have a good online resource that is worth consulting. This resource should help you make a determination about whether it is worth it to appeal. If you are not sure whether appealing your score is right for you and if you would like to hear our opinion, feel free to give us a call (248-497-0187) or send us an e-mail (meagan@jdadvising.com). We are happy to talk about your score as well as the likelihood of succeeding on an appeal, free of charge.

Ashley Heidemann, Partner

Ashley Heidemann and Meagan Jabbori, partners of the Heidemann Jabbori Law Firm, will personally oversee every single appeal that is written by the firm. 

If you decide to appeal your score, the next decision you have to make is whether you will write your own appeal or whether you want to hire us to write one for you. On our sister site, www.jdadvising.com, we have a blog post that specifically talks about this decision and the factors you should consider. You can read the blog post, Should I Write My Own Appeal or Should I Have Someone Write it For me?” here. We have plenty of resources and how-to guides for students who decide to write their own appeal. However, if you are looking for someone to write the appeal for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have successfully written Michigan bar exam appeals. We have experience with the Michigan bar exam appeals process. We know how the process works, and we know what is needed to get points.

Laura Sigler, Lawyer

We only take a very limited number of appeals each administration so we highly recommend you get your name on the waiting list as soon as possible if you are serious about a potential appeal. Also, please feel free to sign up early then take your name off the list if you decide not to appeal your score or change your mind about having us write it.  It is best to contact us sooner rather than later! Sign up by emailing your name and contact information to ashley@jdadvising.com. Or call us at 248-497-0187.

We charge $5,350 as a flat rate per appeal. For more information, please contact us at meagan@jdadvising.com or 248-497-0187.